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Appy Hour aka The MacGyver Challenge


Get ready for an all new and all fun appy hour led by Polly Farrington!

We're going to do a MacGyver Challenge. Working in teams, you'll use your mobile devices and apps to solve problems. And in the process, you'll learn more about your apps and how to use them together (aka: app-smashing). (Handout from Cornell)

CREDIT: We're borrowing this terrific idea from Lucas Loughmiller, the Lib & Instr Media Director at USD 383 in Manhattan KS, who generously shared his workshop resources with me.

What to Bring

Bring your iPads, tablets, phones, any portable device that runs apps. We know you'll be bringing your thinking caps and creativity, so that goes without saying.

Who Wants to Help Out!

Anyone who wants to help me out with some additional challenge ideas, let me know! (pollyalida@gmail.com) Here's an example of one of Lucas' Macgyver Challenges. So who's up for helping to create a few more? Lucas sent me 5 of the challenges he uses. Let's create some more and share them with him!


Share your ideas here

Please add any and all technology applications, websites, programs or apps that you find useful in your teaching. A brief description about it would also be appreciated.

Some resources: (Please add more!)